Parish Crest


The Coat of Arms of St. Elizabeth’s Parish originated in 1962 at the dedication of the new school. the present design was adapted with some modifications from this. Elena Valenti Weber is the artist of the coat of arms.

1st Quarter (Upper Left) – Crown – This represents our Patroness who was Princess of Hungary and a German Queen. Secondarily, it stands for Queens County in which our parish is situated.

2nd Quarter (Upper Right) – Mary – The letter ‘M’ is the symbol of our blessed mother, the patroness of our county and our diocese. The small shells represent the symbol of St. James, the Patron of the Cathedral and the Diocese.

3rd Quarter (Lower Left) – Lily – This is the symbol of St. Joseph, the Patron of the Universal Church. St. Joseph’s symbol is used in a historical context for the name of our parish was originally called St. Joseph’s until 1885.

4th Quarter (Lower Right) – Rose – Another symbol of St. Elizabeth. It is taken from the famous story depicted on the school mosaic. It is also the official seal of the parish and represents in particular her works of charity.